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Poem by Kevin Wengert - Found this in his dresser drawer  
On Thursday gonna be my day to shine
Did 4 months so I leave that page behind
And I blaze the 9
But it is time to chill
Bout to be 18 no more out the vill
Bout to go to straight lock down
Thats not for me
But if you mess with my paper
Leave you dead in the streets
You restin in peace
Cuz you made the wrong decision
Not bout to be hollyie up left in prison
Need wisdom
Only used the wrong train of thought
But now I know to stop because of all the pain it brought
And the pain of course only made a man of me
And a successful young mans what I plan to be.
Memorial Tribute to Kevin Michael Wengert - September 8, 2005  

Today we gather to remember and to celebrate the life of Kevin.  My heart was deeply saddened when I received the news of Kevin's passing.  I reflected and recalled when we first met and thought about the numerous conversations we had regarding his future.  He was determined to get his life back on course.  He understood the choices he made and the consequences of his actions.  After we discussed his options, he began to set goals and to make positive choices.

I watched Kevin mature into a responsible 17 year old who wanted nothing more than to make up for the heartache and trouble he caused his parents and others.  Kevin was very excited about his accomplishments - he obtained his General Education Degree and he landed a job that he was scheduled to begin this past Tuesday. He especially enjoyed the relationship he had with his mother and he was looking forward to making his financial contribution to the family.

Sometimes life seems unfair, especially when a young person dies, but I am reminded, "it is not the number of years that God blesses us to have, but what we do with the number of years God has given us."  I can't speak for you but I am glad that God allowed my path to cross Kevin's.  I believe that I impacted his life and I know that he impacted my life. As adults we think that young people can only learn lessons from us.  However, Kevin was a clear example of how an adult can learn from a young person.  I learned three things that I will treasure from Kevin:

1.  If you fail, "Fail fast, fix it and move on."

2.  "Get a goal, set a goal than reach that goal."

3.  "Say thank you to the people who take time to spend with you."

There is an African proverb that says as long as you speak the name of the person who hs died they will never die because they go on to live in our heads and hearts.  May God comfort and keep you.

With Heartfelt Sympathy,

Sherry Whelchel

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